ZeaHealth at ViVE!

Come visit our booth at ViVE Nashville
this month (March 26-29).
What's happening

For the first time, we'll have a booth at the ViVE conference.

Our Founder & CEO, Dr. Chandra Bondugula will be attending ViVe in Nashville, TN! We are looking forward to connecting with healthcare executives, senior digital health leaders, influencers, and innovators looking to transform healthcare along with us.

Why it matters

We want to make hospitals, insurance companies, & health plans fully compliant with CMS Hospital Price transparency and Transparency in Coverage Mandates and help them pay Zero Penalties!

We want to fulfill our promise to bring complete Price Transparency in Healthcare!
Why Visit Us at ViVE 2023

Big things need small yet effective meets to frame them strong. Let us have the first meeting at the Vive Event and begin your compliance journey with us. We will turn the Price Transparency Game Simpler and Favorable for Providers & Payers.

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Founder & CEO

Dr. Chandra Bondugula is a physician and a senior healthcare executive with over 23 years of combined experience in patient care, healthcare administration, GME leadership, healthcare informatics, digital transformation, and healthcare innovation.  Dr. Bondugula is passionate about transforming and innovating the healthcare system in the US and globally. He is a national speaker on price transparency and consumer empowerment.

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Dr. Bondugula

Some Glimpses from

HLTH 2022


March 26-29


Music City Center (Nashville, TN)


Leading digital health and healthcare technology executives

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Learn how we will make you CMS Price Transparency Compliant and turn your Penalties down to Zero!