Chandra Bondugula, MD, MHI

Founder, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer
Chandra is a physician executive with more than 20 years of experience in patient care, hospital administration, healthcare informatics and clinical transformation. He has expertise in running acute care hospital operations, managing multiple co-management programs and value-based outcomes. He is a visionary working to bring optimal care at affordable cost through technological innovations to the global citizens. He is the founding designated institutional official (DIO), who initiated and led the graduate medical education program at North Alabama Medical Center, Florence, AL. He is a board member of American College of Healthcare Executives, Alabama chapter.

Herman Williams, MD

Advisor + Managing Director & Chief Physician Executive at BDO USA, LLP
Herman is an accomplished, forward-thinking, innovative healthcare leader with 16 years of operations experience in the management of large and small, urban and rural hospitals and national clinics.

Santanu Borah, PhD

Advisor + Professor of Management at University of North Alabama, Florence, AL
Santanu is a professor of management who works to engage students in the fields of digital technology, disruption, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategic management and international business.

SHC Tehcnologies, Pvt. Ltd

Development Team
SHC Technologies is a digital health start-up that innovates and transforms the healthcare delivery using cloud computing, big data, analytics, IoT, AI, ML, NLP; and builds products, solutions, and platforms through the interface of evidence-based medicine and advanced digital technologies.

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