Welcome to the future of healthcare.

Everything we do at ZeaHealth is designed to help both providers and patients become more efficient and transparent.

healthcare Costs in your hands
Healthcare in America needs an overhaul, and we're starting with pricing. We're creating the first team of real-life humans from all parts of the healthcare spectrum, from doctors to hospitals, to anyone who's ever needed healthcare and everywhere in between. ZeaMed pulls real prices of healthcare services near you and makes them easily shoppable just like anything else you'd buy online. What once was a confusing, opaque system will now be an easy way to find the best healthcare options for you.


innovating healthcare shopping
Purchase healthcare services like gift cards online, in stores, and ZeaKiosk


helping the world share health
Create fundraising campaigns for healthcare services


enabling the gift of health
Give healthcare services as gifts to friends and loved ones.
the hospital price transparency tool
ZeaTool is a CMS-compliant price transparency tool that lets you easily list all your hospital’s negotiated prices and shoppable services right on your website.
patient-centered outcomes management system
We've created a ML and AI enabled productivity tool that helps healthcare professionals work together efficiently and effectively.


Join the ZeaVolution.

If you’re passionate about changing the American healthcare landscape, we’d love to hear from you. We’re currently looking for investors who share our values.
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