Democratize healthcare prices to make healthcare services as shoppable as airline tickets and empower healthcare organizations deliver high-quality & low-cost care.


Create a World-class platform where healthcare is a Choice, Quality is The best, & Prices Fully Transparent.


We are transparent & innovative & we deliver what we say. We value people above everything & want healthcare equity for all.


Meet Our Leaders

Dr. Chandra Bondugula, Founder & CEO, ZeaHealth

Chandra Bondugula, MD, MHI |

Herman Williams, MD |

Dr. Herman Williams is the President of HW Healthcare Solutions, a Nashville-based consulting firm specializing in critical management solutions for Hospitals, Physician practices, and other Healthcare entities. He has over 25 years of healthcare leadership and management experience in medical staff consulting, strategic planning, Executive Coaching, and hospital operations as a senior physician executive.

Dr. Herman Williams, Advisor ZeaHealth
Jeanine Nini Martin, Advisor ZeaHealth

Jeanine "Nini" Martin |

Santanu Borah, PhD |

Dr. Santanu Borah is an experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Curriculum Development, Public Speaking, Fundraising, and Management. Dr. Borah engages students in digital technology, disruption, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategic management, and international business.

Santanu Borah, Advisor ZeaHealth
SHC technologies logo

Craig Utley|

Highly accomplished executive Information Technology leader with 25 years of progressive experience with a proven track record of leading large teams and multimillion-dollar budgets while delivering high-value solutions that are delivered on time and on budget. Serve as the key executive for information services with responsibility for leading the short- and long-term strategic direction of the IT department. Known for a broad skillset required to work with stakeholders to develop the value proposition of technology solutions and align IT with strategic business objectives, and developing a high-performing team of competent, business-focused employees.

SHC Technologies, Pvt. Ltd |

SHC Technologies is a digital health start-up that innovates and transforms healthcare delivery using cloud computing, big data, analytics, IoT, AI, ML, NLP, RPA, and other advanced technologies. We build products, solutions, and platforms through the interface of evidence-based medicine, big data, and next-gen digital technologies.

Santanu Borah, Advisor ZeaHealth

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