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Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education

Building a brand new graduate medical education program.

Guide with CLER (Clinical Learning Enrollment Review) visits.

Residency programs application & accreditation process

Offer Consulting for Faculty development programs & GME Budget.

Assess & help organizations with sponsoring institutional applications & accreditation.

Develop policies & procedures & assess GME programs' financial efficiency.

Improve the operational efficiency of sponsoring institutions & residency programs.

Seamless integration of graduate medical education into hospital operations.

Recruitment of GME leadership, program leadership, faculty, and other administrative staff.

We can help all the organizations looking for consulting start a new GME program. We also help organizations with existing GME programs.

Universities Medical school, Teaching hospital, Nursing home, School of public health, Health department, Public health agencies, Organized health care delivery system, Medical examiner’s office, Educational consortium, Teaching health centre, Physician group practice, Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or an Educational foundation.

Are you looking to start a brand new GME program or want expert consulting for existing GME programs?

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